BREAST CANCER DIET: Best diet for recovery after cancer treatment

Currently, in the world there is a lbih number of women who have survived breast cancer or who are struggling against this disease. For all of that women, in addition to cancer treatment, the key is in the diet, their lifestyle, and exercise.

What you eat and how you live during and after cancer treatment can decisively influence the outcome of your cancer treatment. Of course the lifestyle you have to adapt, and it is desirable to turn on and light exercise.

Best diet for alleviating the symptoms of breast cancer

After the operation nausea and vomiting are normal, especially if you went through chemotherapy or radiation. There may be loss of appetite, feelings of general weakness and rapid weight loss.

After cancer treatment it is best to eat several small meals during the day instead of three large; try with protein shakes and yogurt instead of solid food, if you can not eat; try to eat light soup – chicken or vegetables.

You can try and with protein powder, of course, in consultation with the doctor. Enhance food local and organic products. Fresh domestic milk, cottage cheese mixed with vegetables in salads, potatoes, rice. From snacks hit the almonds, peanuts and quality cheeses.
The point is that your body needs more protein than usual, it is necessary to recover the cells, to cope with infections, to accelerate wound healing and recovery.

Immediately after the operation you need to worry about protein intake. If your doctor suggests you to lose weight focus on that after initial recovery period.

It is desirable to consume organic food to avoid industrially processed meat products, fast food, soft drinks, fresh juices. Get back to nature. Try as much raw food. Make a spring salad of wild garlic, turn and ginseng, pomegranate (optional) and nettle in food.

It is important to increase the intake of vitamin C, to drink lots of healthy shakes and smoothie drinks. In consultation with a doctor and a nutritionist talk about possible cures for cleaning the body, detoxification – kind of shakes you take, what kind of tea to drink. Use more frequently honey and bee products rather than sugar.

To prevent breast cancer return

In this case phytoestrogens are very important, plant hormones, of which some have proven to be very effective when it comes to anticancer properties.

  • Eat more organic soy and soy products such as tofu, soy milk, and you can try and make miso soup.
  • A certain antioxidants are important – eat broccoli, liver, mangoes, to protect against the effects of free radicals.
  • Look for beta-carotene in carrots, apricots, pit (tropical plant) and other “orange” plants. Some research suggests that a diet rich in foods rich in beta-carotene may improve recovery from breast cancer.
  • Lycopene is also important, including vegetables rich in lycopene in the first place the tomatoes. Turn it more often in the diet to prevent personnel return of cancer.

Dealing with your physical activity also cited as important in the treatment of recovery. But talk to your doctor before embarking on a serious exercise. In the first days after surgery to keep better protection from bumps and cuts, do not carry heavy things, and talk with a psychiatrist. If you decide for exercise, choose one that you enjoy, thas it lighter and safe.



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