HEALING HERBS: The oil of this plant kills 25 types of bacteria, prevents cancer and preserves eyesight

This native mediterranean plant is considered to be one of the best healing herb on the world; especially appreciated for its oil, which has a medicinal properties like no other oil; it has positive effect on escherichia coli, candida and salmonella.

Ancient greeks used oil of this plant to treat wound, snake bites and diseases of respiratory tract,.

Carvacrol, ingredient of oregano oil is its most valuable therapeutic agent because of its strong antibacterial properties, oregano oil also has strong antiviral properties and protects against cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps and measles, that´s why this plant is one of the best healing herbs.

It contains a lot of antioxidants, that are good for cancer prevention. It can destroy cancer-causing substances in the preparation of food at high temperatures.
The oregano oil can replace many drugs which are used in colon, liver and digestive system treatment. About 80% of pacients who used oil of this plant for about month or two cured candida.

Carvacrol, contained in oregano oil, is responsible for the obesity reduction and can prevent weight gain, thats why oregano oil is used in many weight loss programs and diets.

Antifungal properties of this oil prevent many infections such as candidiasis, fungal nail and scalp and athlete´s foot.

Oregano oil could be one of the parts of therapy for cancer treatment, researches shows that carvacrol from oregano oil has positive effect in prostate cancer treatment, it causes self-destruction of prostate cancer cells.

The antioxidant properties of oregano oil are beneficial for long-term preservation of health. It protects against free radicals and repair the damage already caused cells. Antioxidants slow down the aging, protect against cancer, prevent macular degeneration, loss of vision and hearing loss, neurological disorders and many other diseases associated with free radicals.

Oregano oil has power to neutralize the poisonous bites, like bee, snake and spider. This makes it invaluable first aid in such situations. It is also useful to prevent infections, reduce the inflammation and pain of the stab wounds and animal bites.

Oregano oil is a good ally of physically active people, because it facilitates cramps and muscle pain, promotes healing of injuries, sprains, inflammation of the tendons. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it the powerful drug for arthritis.

The recommended dose of oregano oil, 1-4 drops three times daily (maximum of 12 drops per day, never in a single dose). It has a strong flavor so be sure to dilute the base oil, juice or tea.

Oil of Oregano can put a few drops under the tongue and warm salt water if you have a toothache or an infection in the mouth. It can also be used as a home remedy for sinus infections.



  • protects against viruses, fungi and bacteria
  • helps with psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis
  • slows the aging process
  • prevents several types of cancers
  • helps with excessive sweating and bad breath
  • repells parasites
  • helps with sore muscles, tendons, joints
  • prevents infection
  • used as a first aid for snake and insect bites




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