The healthiest fruits in the world – It prevents heart attack, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

Because of the wide range of health benefits, dates are known to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world. They can cure and treat many diseases. We highly recommend that you include dates in your diet and you will soon find out why are dates one of the healthiest fruits in the world.


It lowers high cholesterol

Just a few dates a day can keep your cholesterol under control and keep your arteries healthy. Dates can reduce the high cholesterol levels and also prevent arterial plaque formation and deposits of fat.


Dates can protect you from stroke

Researches show that dates are very good for stroke prevention. Dates are rich in magnesium which can reduce the stroke if taken on the daily basis, that´s why dates are the healthies fruits for stroke prevention.


Body weight regulator

If you are trying to lose weight, dates are on the best and healthiest fruits you can include in your wight loss program, they will give you sense of satiety and keep you full for longer. Just a few dates for breakfast will regulate the work of intestines and give you the sugars you need.


Dates are good for lowering high blood pressure

Low level of sodium and high level of magnesium and potassium makes dates the perfect choice if you are suffering from high blood pressure.



Home remedy for constipation

Beside the fact that dates are very good home remedy for diarrhea, they are also good in treating constipation, because they can help food digest fast and easy. To make a home remedy for constipation, all you need is to soak a couple of dates in a cup of water. Leave it over night, and drink the liquid and eat the dates in the morning.


Dates are rich in iron

Dates are very often used for anemia treatment because of the fact they are very rich in iron. It is recommended that patients with anemia eat at least 100 grams of dates a day.


Cure for diarrhea

High level of potassium makes dates very good remedy for problems with diarrhea. They help intestinal flora to recover quickly and create good bacteria.

Dates are good for your heart

Dates can help you prevent cardiovaskular diseases and protect and strengthen your heart. Soak a few dates in the water and leace it overnight; remove the seeds in the morning and blend them along with the water. Drink this remedy few times to strengthen your heart and keep it in good state.



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