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QUENEPA FRUIT: Cures insomnia and boosts brain functions

Quenepa fruit is a great choice if you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis

It’s a good idea to analyze your health and think about whether any underlying medical issues or sleep disorders could be contributing to your sleep problems.

In some cases, there are simple steps that can be taken to improve sleep such as avoiding bright lighting while winding down and trying to limit possible distractions, such as a TV, computer, or pets.

While in other cases, it’s necessary to talk to your doctor to figure out a course of action. You should not simply accept poor sleep as a way of life – talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist for help.


The amazing Quenepa fruit

After learning the health benefits of this amazing fruit called quenepa, you will definitely want it to be in your kitchen.

It is popularly known as Spanish lime, and it is extremely effective in treating insomnia and boosting the function of the brain.

This exotic fruit originates from the northern parts of South America but can also be found on the coasts and dry forests of Central America and the Caribbean. It has a sour and sweet taste and people usually combine it with a pinch of salt, chilly, and lime. Experts say that the quenepa fruit is a mix of lychee and lime; it has a firm and delicate flesh and hard shell.

The nutrition of the quenepa fruit is impressive, with a wide range of vitamins (A, B-complex, and C), minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus, and iron), proteins, fatty and amino acids (tryptophan and lysine the most notable), phytonutrients, and fiber.

Due to its high amounts of fiber, this fruit is effective in preventing high cholesterol levels and chronic constipation.


Fruit and pulp have antibacterial and anti fungal properties and known to:

  • Eliminates parasites
  • Prevents bronchitis and the flu
  • Strengthens the immune system and prevents bacterial buildup in the body
  • Treats and prevents kidney problems
  • Stimulates red blood cell production, preventing anemia
  • Improves the reproductive system’s function
  • Soothes gum infection
  • Prevents and treats urinary and lung infections
  • Reduces high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and triglyceride levels
  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • Treats skin issues
  • Treats constipation
  • Induce sleep because of its high tryptophan content (tryptophan is necessary for the production of serotonin, a hormone that regulates sleep)

This nutrient-packed fruit is an ace for supporting every part of your body. Quenepa fruit is best to eat fresh, juiced, or made into a luscious jam.


Quenepa juice recipe


  • 2 pounds quenepas, peeled
  • 1 inch piece ginger, blended and strained
  • 1/4 l of water
  • One lime, juiced
  • Honey to taste (unpasteurized, unfiltered, local)



  • Boil the water while you remove the quenepas skin and place them into a large bowl.
  • Pour boiling water over the fruit and leave for 20 minutes or until cool.
  • By your hands rub the pulp from the seeds, massaging all the fruits to get the flesh and juice released in the water.
  • Strain the mixture and add the lime juice. Sweeten to taste. Store in the refrigerator.


Source: healthiestalternative.com



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